Turned parts

12.2 million parts


up to Ø 42 mm


100% control


Turned parts in highest precision

Developed in toolmaking, the field of lathe technology has grown rapidly in recent years and is becoming increasingly important. We manufacture customised parts on our single- and multi-spindle machines; 100% of all parts are optically inspected. We process various materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and steel.

Turned-parts production at a glance

We manufacture turned parts on different machines in small, medium and large lot sizes:

We manufacture sophisticated and complex parts, according to your specifications. Material is processed up to a Ø of 42 mm.

we only manufacture custom parts
single- and multi-spindle, depending on the complexity of the part
short processing times
both long and short lathes, as well as machining centres, are in use
fully-automatic quality control

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