High-performance press with servo technology

8.000 kN

Press force

4,250 mm

Table size

max. 5 mm

Thickness (Strip Dimension)

max. 800 mm

Thickness (Strip Dimension)

Servo Press with Transfer Device

Our punching machines work extremely economically thanks to servo technology (engine without flywheels directly on the eccentric shaft). The individual adjustment of the lifting height and the movement of the torque motor result in a significantly higher output per minute. Since the stroke speed can be adapted within the punching process, the material can thus be reshaped in a manner that is gentle on the material and at the same time process optimised. The increase in quality is thus guaranteed.

Additional Advantages

We have the optimal production possibilities for your parts. Thanks to our extensive machinery, we can always manufacture your parts on the right press, depending on the batch size, complexity and part size.

Before each production start, the movement profiles can be carefully checked and adapted, resulting in an efficient production process.
The programmable ram movement curves thus ensure maximum flexibility in production – optimum quality with maximum output at the same time.
Table change system (setup parallel to machining time): While the machine is still producing the current order, the tool of the following order can already be prepared. This significantly reduces setup times and thus costs.

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